Another group Donald Trump wants off America’s streets

Another group Donald Trump wants off America’s streets

After riding his tough stance on illegal immigration to a commanding lead among Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump broached another crime-related topic at a recent campaign event in Tennessee.

In a message citing the need for and benefits of strong local law enforcement, Trump offered a direct promise to any gang members causing trouble under his administration.

“You know the gang members in Baltimore and Chicago,” he said, “and these are some tough dudes, they’re going to be out so fast.”

He told an enthusiastic crowd that a Trump White House would “get rid of those gang members so fast your head will spin.”

Though he did not give specifics regarding that plan, he did note the importance of allowing police to perform their duties unfettered by the demands of anti-cop activists.

“I know cities where people are afraid to even talk to people,” he said, “because they want to be able to retire and have their pension.”


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