Lucky German cops get to deal with migrant riot after man puts Quran pages in toilet

Lucky German cops get to deal with migrant riot after man puts Quran pages in toilet
A worker surveys the damage after a massive migrant riot wrecks a holding facility in Suhl, Germany, 2015. (Image: video via Breitbart)

A man, who tore pages out of the Koran and threw them in the toilet, ended up being chased by an angry mob through the streets of a refugee shelter in Suhl, Germany, this week.

In total, over 17 people were injured during the incident, including six police officers and members of the press, according to reports. It remains unknown if the Koran-desecrating man would have survived had there not been a police presence in the immediate area.

After the Afghan man ripped up the Koran and discarded its pages in a nearby toilet, dozens of Syrian refugees began to chase the individual who had purportedly ruined their holy book. It took a team of armed guards to stop the rioting men, who then began pelting the policemen and security officers with rocks and steel weapons, local reports stated.

“The Syrian men, armed with iron rods, bricks and concrete blocks, then they went completely berserk. They smashed doors, windows, police cars chased the journalists and tossed about with furniture and other things,” read a translated report from DKA.

The violence has continued into Tuesday, the Daily Mail UK reports. Migrants “smashed car windows, ransacked buildings and demolished the walls which divide the shelter in the rampage which lasted several hours,” the report stated.

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