Back to school: Teaching 10-year-olds ‘normal’ sexual feelings?

Back to school: Teaching 10-year-olds ‘normal’ sexual feelings?

This school year, in cooperation and coordination with the U.S. Departments of Education and Health, children ten years of age and older will be bombarded with wall posters listing ways for children to learn, “How do people express their sexual feelings?” From anal sex being taught to fifth-graders, to explaining masturbation as “normal,” minors are being taught in public schools that a range of sexual practices are normal and should be encouraged. In graphic detail pictures display a child-like version of pornography that extends well beyond “biology” or “health education.”


A book endorsed by Planned Parenthood, It’s Perfectly Normal, is causing outrage among parents, who label its content as pornographic indoctrination of children as young as ten years old. Parents across the nation have complained and protested in response to the book being on a Fourth Grade reading list, without their knowledge or approval.

The pictures, most parents argue, are graphic and entirely inappropriate for young children whose parents assert they have sole control over what their children should learn in school, about sex or any other subject. (Indeed, parents are constitutionally protected to opt out of Common Core teaching.)

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