The climate made them do it: Euro migrant crisis not about ‘refugees’

The climate made them do it: Euro migrant crisis not about ‘refugees’
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[Ed. – Although, technically, if people are fleeing newly inhospitable climates, they are, in fact, seeking refuge.  Which makes them refugees.  This op-ed is quite silly, failing utterly to demonstrate the climate causation claimed in the title — but the most remarkable thing is its steadfast refusal to name the wars fomented by Islamism as the main catalyst of the refugee crisis.]

There is not a migrant or refugee crisis. We’re in the midst of a global migration shift. While its unrelenting realities of forced displacement, whether from war, persecution or economic despair originate from disparate causes, they all share a singular fact: The nascent stages of this historical migration shift require long-term planning, not short-term designation. …

As the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences noted in a recent study, “the severity and duration of the recent Syrian drought,” — [Syrian drought??? Talk about a crisis of denial. – Ed.] — which has triggered some of the largest displacements of refugees across the Mediterranean, are a significant part of the roots of the Syrian civil war itself. …

The real crisis is denial: Of inaction by Europeans on the seas to meet the immediate urgency of rescue; and on land, to recognize a historical cycle of transition and migration that requires integration, regeneration of communities and climate action.

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