Expert review of Planned Parenthood videos actually bolsters authenticity

Expert review of Planned Parenthood videos actually bolsters authenticity
The #NewsySexyCool professionals of Planned Parenthood - Lena Dunham's Halloween inspiration.

[T]he Gray Lady is all over the Planned Parenthood-commissioned study that labels the Center for Medical Progress’s sting videos “unreliable for any official inquiry.” …

But — contra the Times, National Public Radio, CNN, and the other outlets seizing on the study as a definitive “debunking” — these findings are far from damning. In fact, they arguably do more harm to Planned Parenthood. …

Consider the extensive attention given to two bits of dialogue, recorded at a clinic in Colorado, that Planned Parenthood executives “deemed to be suspicious.” … [W]hat does the report actually say? “Neither internal nor expert analysis found any artifacts of editing in or around this segment that would suggest the audio was inserted or manipulated using technical tools.”

The importance of the Fusion GPS report is in what it does not show: evidence of fabrication or of blatantly misrepresentative editing. Nothing was dubbed or (contra the Times’s headline) “altered.” Despite the cuts and skips, even Fusion GPS admits: “This analysis did not reveal widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation.” What Planned Parenthood representatives said, they said.

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