Sarah Palin interviewing Jeb!, Cruz, and The Donald for One America News Network

Sarah Palin interviewing Jeb!, Cruz, and The Donald for One America News Network

[Ed. – For the record, I don’t have just one or two favorite Bible verses either.  But you can start with Isaiah 54:13 and Galatians 4:7 for a flavor of some verses I really, really like.]

Sarah Palin will interview Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz on Friday for the One America News Network, the former Alaska governor announced on her Facebook page.

Palin, who is serving as a guest host for the channel’s “On Point” program, also blasted the media for asking Trump about his favorite Bible verse.

In a Wednesday interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, Trump declined to name a Bible verse, saying it was too personal and that he didn’t want to get into specifics.

“Lamestream media asks GOP personal, spiritual ‘gotchas’ that they’d NEVER ask Hillary,” Palin wrote.

“By the way, even with my reading scripture everyday I wouldn’t want to answer the guy’s question either … it’s none of his business; it IS personal; what the heck does it have to do with serving as commander-in-chief; and these reporters trying to trip up conservatives can go pound sand until they ask the same things of their favored liberal pals,” she continued.

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