Drought is somehow at fault for urine corroding San Francisco light poles and making them fall on cars

Drought is somehow at fault for urine corroding San Francisco light poles and making them fall on cars

[Ed. – Actual propaganda headline at LAT:  How the drought has affected San Francisco’s devastating lack of public restrooms.  Of course, if you’re an evil white supremacist fascist right-winger, you probably think people peeing in the streets like animals in the problem here.]

Late in the day, [Luis Gomez] was in the Honda, heading home. A friend was in the passenger seat and Adrian was in the back. As Gomez waited for the light to change at Taylor and Pine streets, two blocks from the Fairmont Hotel, he heard a loud crack. “Then,” he said, “the windshield broke all over us.”

A three-story metal light pole, with the street sign attached, had fallen across his hood. “I was in shock,” he said. “I saw people talking to me, but the noise that it made — I couldn’t hear anything.”

No one was hurt, but the car was totaled.

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And here’s why the story made news far beyond San Francisco: Officials speculated that urine, both human and canine, had contributed to corrosion at the base of the metal pole. …

The historic drought has afflicted Californians in many different ways. …

Water conservation, combined with a dearth of public restrooms, has led to an olfactory assault on denizens and tourists. …

One of the most problematic intersections is 16th and Mission streets, where BART station plazas on opposite corners provide an inviting hangout for the destitute. There is one permanent public toilet on site. The local Burger King claims its restroom is out of order (always), so people urinate on the wall outside.

“We have people that sit out here all day long and drink beer and all of a sudden, they gotta go and they’re not gonna take a chance they can’t find a bathroom, so they hit a corner,” said Ronnell Hunt, 46…

“People poop in public like there’s no tomorrow,” Hunt said.

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