5 things to know about Trump’s backers

5 things to know about Trump’s backers

–They view Trump as different from all the other presidential candidates. He’s not just their favorite candidate. Their tie to him is almost mystical. He’s a kind of political savior, someone who says what they think. Luntz asked them for the one word that comes to mind when they think of Trump. The word cited most was “leader.” Other words mentioned were “not a politician” and “not PC” and “decisive.”

–They love the Trump swagger and attitude. Luntz asked what they liked the most, the Trump persona or his policies.  Persona got 23 votes, policies six. Shown a video of Trump’s insisting that he would be the greatest president ever, they were untroubled by his boastfulness. Several said Trump was merely displaying his confidence. “I like his confidence,” one woman said, “it makes me feel confident.”

–They cut Trump an enormous amount of slack. They are quite forgiving.

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