Great news: Obama’s war on coal drives power plants to sue EACH OTHER to death

Great news: Obama’s war on coal drives power plants to sue EACH OTHER to death

[Ed. – OMG, that’s elegant.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.]

Out in the western portion of New York there is a coal fired power plant located in Dunkirk which is operated by NRG Energy. It’s an aging plant and they recently made the decision to convert over to natural gas. The reasons are varied, but there’s obviously been a lot of pressure from the government to get away from coal energy. Plus, natural gas prices are at historic lows, while producing fewer carbon emissions so the government was all on board with that also. It’s a great plan, right? Unfortunately it came to a screaming halt this week, two years after being cited by the Governor’s office as a great victory all the way around. (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin)

An aging western New York power plant’s $150 million transition from coal to natural gas is officially in limbo, less than two years after Gov. Andrew Cuomo and local officials held a news conference heralding the plan. …

What went so wrong? As mentioned in the article, there are too many known unknowns about the future of the plant because of a lawsuit brought by the energy company which operates the Indian Point nuclear plant. You see, as part of the deal which the state worked out to ensure the conversion of the Dunkirk plant away from coal, they secured huge subsidies to come from the state and also through additional fees handed down to consumers. With that big of a thumb on the scale, Indian Point was finding it tough to compete.

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