As predicted, govt-run health care wants to significantly limit amputee/prosthesis options

As predicted, govt-run health care wants to significantly limit amputee/prosthesis options

[Ed. – Others may well have predicted this, but I know I did, more than six years ago.  It’s what big government does, when you give it power over your choices.]

Amputees are worried the federal government will limit their access to prosthetics and may be saddled with antiquated technology.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is considering an overhaul to how Medicare reimburses leg prosthetics, issuing new conditions for patients to meet to receive a lower limb. …

All amputees, not only those on Medicare, are concerned about the proposal. …

Currently, a prosthetics expert assesses a patient and Medicare generally accepts it. That would change under Medicare’s proposal to have a physician make the assessment. And new conditions could restrict someone from getting a more high-tech prosthetic — or one at all.

One controversial condition in the proposal is that a patient must walk with a “natural gait” with a prosthetic to receive it. …

Connie Moe came up from Richmond to join the protest. She said that under the proposed changes, she couldn’t get parts for her prosthetic leg because she has high blood pressure.

The feisty 79-year-old said it was the first protest she had ever attended because the issue was “very important to me.”

Another restriction for receiving a high-quality prosthetic was whether the patient used a walking assistance device. The new proposal says that anyone who has used a cane, crutches, walker or wheelchair can’t get a high-quality prosthetic and are downgraded.

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