Uh-oh: Charity cross-dressing event in UK decried by transgender activists as ‘hate crime’

Uh-oh: Charity cross-dressing event in UK decried by transgender activists as ‘hate crime’
(Image: Fun Run promo pic via Breitbart UK)

[Ed. – That’s going to cover a lot of territory.  There’s a long tradition in the Commonwealth — including its former crown jewel — of holding goofy charity events with drag performances by straight guys.  The downside of designating everything a hate crime: you end up with Party-approved entertainment and all your jokes written by the Politburo.]

A fun run organised by a children’s charity, where fathers dress in drag, has been reported to the police as a “hate crime” by a transgender group. The group describes the event as “dehumanising.”

The five-kilometer “Dames on the Run” race is organised by Derian House Children’s Hospice and seeks to raise money for sick and terminally ill children.

However, Chrysalis Transsexual Support Groups have reported it to the police in an attempt to stop it going ahead.

The run is described by the hospice as “drawing on the much-loved Pantomime Dame character that is part of our theatrical heritage and supported by hundreds of thousands of people in every year”, but it was labeled “dehumanising” by the transgender group.

The move is part of an on going push by trans organisation to have cross-dressing and drag outlawed or deemed a hate crime.

The National Union of Students (NUS) led the way in March by voting to enforce a “zero tolerance” approach to drag and cross-dressing in all student union events across the country. And in July, a Pride event in Scotland banned drag queens because they might make the trans-gendered feel “uncomfortable.”

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