Michigan mayors reschedule ‘Ramadan unity’ dinner, after serious backlash against its original date

Michigan mayors reschedule ‘Ramadan unity’ dinner, after serious backlash against its original date

[Ed. – Surely they didn’t think no one would notice, or care?  Somehow, I’m betting that the event’s sponsors had a lot to do with the rescheduling.  It’s on 18 September now.]

When this event was first held, Ramadan was in the month of September. Muslims, like Jews, follow the Lunar calendar for religious observances. …

Since a typical lunar month is only 29 or 30 days, our months begin approximately 10 days earlier than they did the previous year on the Western calendar. This year Ramadan was from June 18 until July 16.

While Ramadan has started earlier each year, the event has continued to be held in early September, on the first Friday after Labor Day and outside of the month of Ramadan…

The dinner event for the past several years has been held on the first Friday evening after Labor Day, which happens to be 9/11 this year. When the date was discussed with several members of the community, Muslim and non-Muslim, there was no objection because the purpose of the dinner is not to celebrate Ramadan in and of itself but to use the spirit of what Ramadan represents, which is self reflection and public service, to help support the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

Even though September 11 would have been an ideal day to remind ourselves of the American values of giving and caring for the lesser privileged in our community, the organizers felt we should defer the event by a week in order to not have the event serve as a distraction…

We voluntarily changed the date of the dinner so that the message of 9/11 and what it means to all of us is not mired in a senseless discussion driven by people who want to use unfounded hate and suspicion as a means of diminishing one group of Americans for another.

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