Is a Biden-Warren ticket in the cards for Dems in 2016?

Is a Biden-Warren ticket in the cards for Dems in 2016?

[Ed. – Giving this ticket a nickname would at least have some serious comedy potential.]

Biden recognizes he has his own liabilities: He is 73 years old, strays off message frequently, and would inevitably be tied to the shaky legacy of President Obama. But he also knows his assets. Voters view him as far more trustworthy than Hillary, he is free of scandal, and he has a “Regular Joe” persona that connects with ordinary voters — a likability that Hillary Clinton can’t match.

He also knows how to appeal to progressives. Biden has a more centrist reputation than his actual voting record in the Senate would indicate, and he has shown an eagerness to play the occasionally vicious attack dog against Republicans (just watch highlights of his 2012 debate with Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate).

Biden has another card to play in soliciting Warren’s support. He would be 74 years old if he were elected president in 2016, an issue he may have a way of addressing. “One thing that I keep hearing about Biden is that if he were to declare and say, because age is such a problem for him if he does, ‘I want to be a one-term president. I want to serve for four years, unite Washington. I’ve dealt with the Republicans in Congress all my public life,’” liberal journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN this month.

A one-term pledge by Biden would also interest Elizabeth Warren. She is 66 years old, and if a Democrat wins in 2016, she will be 74 herself by the time someone else has served two terms in office — and facing her own age issues. But if Biden won, after pledging to serve only one term, Warren would be the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

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