Feminists: Calling your daughter ‘princess’ is supporting ‘rape culture’

Feminists: Calling your daughter ‘princess’ is supporting ‘rape culture’

It makes me sound aged to declare that I can fondly remember a time not too long ago where boys could be boys and girls could be girls. Girls would play with Barbies and my friends and I would *gasp* play war with our toy guns. It was a simpler time known as the late ‘90’s and while it was far from perfect, somehow, we all survived just fine.

Now, however, every act and every utterance is an offense to someone. Have Southern pride? That’s now bigotry. Don’t want a man in a dress in the YMCA locker room, ladies? That’s transphobia. Believe that armed suspects who draw on police should be shot out of self-defense? That’s, somehow, racist.

The left loves to play the role of the victim and in doing so, one of their favorite pastimes appears to be raining on everybody’s parade. In keeping with this mantra, feminists have declared that a father calling his daughter “princess” is supporting “rape culture,” a made-up term used to justify militant feminism and silence critics.

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