NPR: Objectivity is a dishonest white construct

NPR: Objectivity is a dishonest white construct

The police-bashing community organizers known as the “Black Lives Matter” movement have a healthy contingent of completely biased black journalist/publicists. Gene Demby, brought into National Public Radio to agitate in the racial “Code Switch” project, wrote a 3,900-word essay for the NPR website and appeared on Friday’s Morning Edition to discuss how depressing it is to travel from cop victim to cop victim.

Anchor Steve Inskeep said Demby “came close to resigning” and set Demby up to explain the toll of “How Black Reporters Report On Black Death” and why objectivity was a dishonest white construct on this taxpayer-funded network:

GENE DEMBY:  Sometimes the stuff I’m writing about is just, like, terrible things happening to black people. And you feel the sense of, I think, responsibility for doing that beat well. But also I think even times when I want to sort of talk about other things or write about other things, I feel this sort of nagging obligation and this guilt around not talking about whatever other pressing story of inequality might be out there.

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