Tennessee bill would give armed Guardsmen immunity, protection from personal liability

Tennessee bill would give armed Guardsmen immunity, protection from personal liability

[Ed. – This is what I was referring to three weeks ago when I wrote about the report from Allen West that the Navy planned to bring charges against LCDR Timothy White, who returned fire against the terrorist in Chattanooga.

But what do you do about jurisdictional issues when the threat situation changes?  You [expletive] WORK THEM OUT.  Job one is ensuring that servicemen under threat – servicemen under your command – can defend themselves.

What Tennessee is doing is WORKING THE ISSUES OUT.  It’s an encouraging sign.  The Navy later announced that it was bringing no charges against White, which was a good decision.  But I don’t doubt Allen West’s original source.  The time when we could believe excuses from any branch of the Obama administration is past.]

Sen. Richard Briggs, R-Knoxville, said Thursday that he will introduce a bill granting immunity and personal liability protection for Tennessee National Guard members now able to go armed after the July 16 attacks in Chattanooga.

“Our Tennessee National Guardsmen have become targets of terrorists as demonstrated by the tragic events in Chattanooga,” said Briggs, a retired U.S. Army colonel who did combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The intent of the bill, he said in a news release, “is to provide the service member legal cover in defending him or herself and others during a terrorist attack.

“I believe my fellow Tennesseans and state legislators will agree this protection is necessary for our Guardsmen,” Briggs added.

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