Pro-Bush super-PAC’s weird photoshop shows ‘Jeb!’ with a black left hand

Pro-Bush super-PAC’s weird photoshop shows ‘Jeb!’ with a black left hand
(Image: Right to Rise via Twitter, Raw Story)

[Ed. – Umm…OK.]

Jeb Bush-supporting Super Pac has issued a campaign leaflet which appears to show the Republican presidential candidate with one white hand and one black. …

Closer inspection of the mail, which was sent out by Right to Rise USA, prompted further questions.

What, for instance, is going on with the perspective? The leaflet shows Bush with a giant head, a political Godzilla to scale with city hall.

Why does Bush appear to hover somewhere over the Cedar River, neither level with the shrubbery nor in any clear relation to the water? Is he supposed to be floating, messianically, over the waves? Is he somewhere else, standing in the blue ether with his name?

More mundane explanations are also possible. Perhaps Right to Rise knew that Bush has never grinned with hands akimbo in the center of Cedar Rapids, and a staffer therefore superimposed him awkwardly on to an easily found stock photo of Iowa’s second-largest city.

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