Insane-clown posse, including accused Russian spy, alleges Israel forged ‘side agreement’ with Iran

Insane-clown posse, including accused Russian spy, alleges Israel forged ‘side agreement’ with Iran
John Kerry and Mohammed Javad Zaeif in 2013. (Image: AP, Jason DeCrow via WaPo)

[Ed. – It wanted only this: In a quest to discredit the AP reporting on a “side agreement” that allows Iran to inspect itself at the highly suspect Parchin facility, allies of the Obama White House have accused Israel of forging the document seen by AP reporters.  In the clown car with them:  an accused long-time spy for Russia.]

It started with the Director of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’ Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme (SIPRI), Tariq Rauf. Interviewed by the Huffington Post, Rauf declared the AP document looked like forgery.

According to a 2010 Washington Post article, Tariq Rauf was “outed” by Russian defector Sergei Tretyakov (who ran Russian spying operations in New York during the 1990s) as a Russian spy. The piece mentions that former Post reporter Pete Earley wrote a book with Tretyakov about his espionage career, where the former spymaster revealed several people in Canada and the U.S. as Russian spies by their spy code names. …

In the book, Tretyakov fingered several people in Canada and the United States by their code names as Russian agents:

One of the most prominent was a Pakistani-born Canadian scientist who Tretyakov identified only as “ARTHUR,” but who other authoritative sources in 2008 identified for me as Tariq Rauf, the principal official at the International Atomic Energy Agency responsible for determining whether Iran is building a nuclear weapon. …


The charge that the document is a forgery was amplified by the National Iranian American Council’s (NIAC) Trita Parsi, who suggested that Israeli Premier Netanyahu gave the Associated Press the phony document.

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