Feisty ayatollah calls America ‘the enemy,’ says Iran will ‘confront with all our power’

Feisty ayatollah calls America ‘the enemy,’ says Iran will ‘confront with all our power’
(Image: IRNA via Gatestone Institute)

[Ed. – Another day, another goodwill wish from our partner in global peace and security.]

Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, gave a speech on Aug. 17 in which he said that the United States of America was the “enemy” and that Iran would confront the United States with all its power.

“We will not allow the Americans to have economic or political influence in our country, nor will we allow them to have a political presence and cultural influence in our country,” said the ayatollah. “We will confront them with all our power which is thankfully great in the present time.

In the same speech, which has been posted in English on the ayatollah’s official website, the ayatollah said that “it is not clear” whether the agreement designed to forestall Iran’s development of nuclear weapons will in fact be approve by either the United States or Iran.

Here are some key excerpts from the ayatollah’s speech as posted in English at Khamenei.ir:

“First, I will tell you that when we say, ‘the enemy’ we do not refer to an imaginary and fictional creature. By ‘enemy’ we mean global arrogance and arrogant powers: powers whose existence depends on dominating others, interfering in their affairs and possessing their financial and vital resources. These are arrogant powers or in other words, the leaders of global arrogance….

“If we want to give an example of who this enemy is in the outside world, we should refer to the regime of the United States of America.

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