Deez Nuts for president? He’s at 9% in latest 2016 poll

Deez Nuts for president? He’s at 9% in latest 2016 poll
(Image via NPR)

Are you tired of hearing all about how Donald Trump is doing in the polls? Well, there’s someone else who’s also bursting onto the scene: Deez Nuts.

As we’ve written before, someone has actually filled out paperwork with the Federal Election Commission under the name “Deez Nuts for President 2016.”

Public Policy Polling is including Deez Nuts in its polling and surprisingly, while the self-declared independent isn’t coming on strong, the numbers are rising. In the poll of North Carolina voters released Wednesday morning, 9 percent of them are throwing their support behind (or under?) Deez Nuts.

In previous polls, he’s been at 7 and 8 percent support in Iowa.

But who exactly is Deez Nuts? It’s a 15-year-old who based on his age, is ineligible to be president.

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