Poll: Vast majority of Americans still wants religious liberty protected

Poll: Vast majority of Americans still wants religious liberty protected

[Ed. – And yes, vast means vast.]

Those that were polled overwhelmingly made clear that they believed that religious individuals’ rights must be protected.

While poll respondents broadly supported protecting the rights of all, “when asked which was more important, by a four to one ratio, voters said protecting religious liberty (31 percent) over protecting gay and lesbian rights (8 percent).”

Notably, over half of the respondents (53 percent) said both were important. …

However, “if pushed,” they “overwhelmingly side with protecting the liberty of their faith by a margin of 4 to 1.” It is heartening that still so many would recognize the core importance of that inherent human right that is our first freedom: the freedom of religion. …

Eighty-three percent said “yes” when asked whether a Christian wedding photographer with “deeply held religious beliefs opposing same sex marriage” as “the right to say no” to a same-sex couple asking him or her to photograph their wedding.

Amazingly, even “80 percent of Agnostic/Atheists said the photographer had the right to say no.”

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