Kasich’s Ohio now the most Medicaid-dependent Midwestern state

Kasich’s Ohio now the most Medicaid-dependent Midwestern state

[Ed. – Maybe the promise to make the rest of America pay for Ohioans’ medical care plays in Columbus — although I’ve known a lot of people from Ohio, and they haven’t been Medicaid bait, for the most part.  But Kasich can’t make this appeal to America as a whole.  Sooner or later, as a wise woman once said, you run out of other people’s money.]

Ohio has the highest rate of Medicaid enrollment in the Midwest.

One out of four Ohioans is enrolled in the welfare program Kasich — a Republican — expanded to cover working-age adults with no kids and no disabilities.

Ohio, Illinois and Michigan are the only Midwest states with more than 20 percent of their residents enrolled in Medicaid, a welfare program jointly funded by the federal government and the states. …

Since mid-2013, Ohio’s Medicaid enrollment has grown by almost 24 percent. Among the 12 states in the Midwest, only North Dakota’s Medicaid enrollment — which totaled 89,001 in May – grew at a faster rate. …

Ohio had 2.33 million people on its Medicaid rolls in December 2013, the month before Kasich’s Obamacare expansion took effect. Within 18 months, 3 million Ohioans were on Medicaid.

In July, enrollment in Kasich’s Obamacare expansion was 609,030 — 66 percent greater than Kasich expected.

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