Black Panther: ‘Off the pigs!’ doesn’t actually mean ‘Kill cops’

Black Panther: ‘Off the pigs!’ doesn’t actually mean ‘Kill cops’

[Ed. – Wuss.]

Fox26 News’ Isiah Carey hosted a discussion between Yahcanon, the president of the local New Black Panther’s Party and Breitbart Texas political news contributor Bob Price regarding the Sandra Bland protest last week at the Waller County, Texas, jail. …

While on the show, Price said, “When you are telling, saying very strongly that you want to kill police officers. I don’t see how that helps anybody. I don’t see how that helps the next young black man, the next young black woman, that is stopped by the police officer who is going to be even more on edge now, because he does not know who is in that car. I don’t see how that helps at all.”

Yahcanon replied, “Well, that is totally not true, we never said anything like that.”

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Price challenged the Black Panther president saying, “You said, ‘Off the Pigs. Off the Pigs.’ Repeatedly, ‘Off the Pigs.’”

Yahcanon said, “Well, that’s the difference between white America, and black America. You know, we all say things sometimes that doesn’t quite mean that, so you have to sit down and get an understanding exactly what we are talking about.”

He said, “When we say ‘Off the Pigs,’ we want the pigs out of our communities, harassing our people. We don’t want to kill anybody, we are peaceful people … We are not the ones here because we went and did anything wrong to somebody… It is because of what somebody else did to us in our communities.”

Price came back on his point again and said, “But before that you said, ‘Off, Off. Bang. Bang’. …How am I supposed to interpret that? More importantly, how is a police officer supposed to interpret that statement?”

When asked, Yahcanon replied, “Well, we don’t care about how police officers interpret anything. …”

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