76% of Americans still drive to work alone

76% of Americans still drive to work alone

[Ed. – And a lot of them are plumbers, lawn-maintenance workers, dog groomers, product reps, caterers, and other people who can’t ride bikes or public transit to work, and will never be able to.  Stop trying to squeeze everyone into the 9-to-5, commute-to-an-office or factory mold, social-planning fascists.]

The vast majority of Americans choose not to carpool, ride a bike or take public transit when they go to work, according to data published in a new report released by the Census Bureau.

In 2013, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 142,962,000 Americans worked. Of these, 76.4 percent drove alone to work in a car, truck or van. Another 9.4 percent carpooled in a car, truck or van. Only 5.2 percent took public transportation, while 4.4 percent worked at home.

2.8 percent walked to work, and only 0.6 percent rode a bicycle. Another 1.3 percent took some other means to work. …

Carpooling, the Census Bureau report noted, has gotten less popular. “The rate of carpooling has declined during each decade since 1980,” said the report. “About 9.0 percent of workers carpooled in 2013, down from 19.7 percent in 1980.” …

In the Corvallis, Ore., metropolitan area, only 72.6 percent commuted to work in a private vehicle, with riding a bicylcle (8.8 percent) being the second most common means of commuting. (However,  the Census Bureau report noted: “In the Corvallis, OR metro area, the rate of walked (7.9 percent) and worked from home (7.7 percent) are not statistically different from that of bicycle commuting.”

Yet, at 8.8 percent, the rate of bike-riding to work in Corvallis was almost 15 times as great as the national rate of 0.6 percent.

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