Donald Trump is the GOP’s Black Lives Matter

Donald Trump is the GOP’s Black Lives Matter

After reading most of the “Donald Trump is the Republican’s Bernie Sanders” think pieces from the last week, I am left believing that the analogy is fundamentally flawed. The basic notion is that both Sanders and Trump represent the angry and unpredictable wings of their respective parties. This is doubtless true of Trump, but is it true of Sanders? It probably isn’t. In fact, Donald Trump is more similar to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, in theory and in practice, than he is to Sanders in several important ways.

The clearest similarity between Trump and BLM is the havoc they might cause in the general election. A Trump third-party run could destroy the GOP nominee; likewise, a significant drop in black support and turnout could doom any Democrat. Both Trump and BLM are very aware that they hold these cards, and both are playing them effectively.

Bernie Sanders is a career politician who will be a good soldier come the convention and the general election. He will make a stirring speech, in which he praises the moderate as the only sensible choice. He will stump for the nominee and his supporters will go with him.

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