Psycho HOA board threatens homeowners with jail time over color of play set

Psycho HOA board threatens homeowners with jail time over color of play set

[Ed. – A Hot Air regular, antipc, posts the comment of the day at Ed’s piece:  “Create a position of authority and a fascist will eventually fill it.”]

Occasionally, when I feel a bit overwhelmed by maintenance issues in my house, I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to move into a condo and not have to shovel the walk, deal with landscaping or a leaky roof?” When those moments come, stories such as this from Kansas City’s KCTV News remind me that I prefer my politics national rather than hyperlocal. The Raintree Lake Property Owners Association has demanded that a homeowner take down a playground set erected for their two young daughters two years ago because the soft purple and white color scheme isn’t harmonious enough with the neighborhood — and their attorneys are threatening them with jail time if they don’t comply…

The other residents in the neighborhood are livid at the board:

“You’re spending money, our hard-earned money on a ridiculous unwarranted lawsuit,” said Nicole Bonds, who recently moved to Raintree and wore a purple shirt to the meeting to express her support for the Stout family. …

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“Jail time, really?” asked Dawson. “For a play set with the wrong colors?”

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