Israeli refueling tankers escort Jordanian F-16s to joint exercise in U.S.

Israeli refueling tankers escort Jordanian F-16s to joint exercise in U.S.

[Ed. – The prospect of a nuclear Iran continues to make strange bedfellows.]

Apparently, five Israeli Air Force F-15C/Ds and five F-15Is, along with five Jordanian Air Fore F-16s, have been dragged across the Mediterranean to Lajes Field by Israeli Air Force KC-707 Tankers. The jets are on their way to participate in Red Flag 15-4 at Nellis AFB.

“Departing Israel on the morning of August 9th was a flight of Israeli Air Force KC-707 tankers accompanied by 5 Ra’am F-15 Eagles. It marked the beginning of a long flight to Nellis AFB, Nevada, where the Israeli AF will be part of Red Flag 15-4. IAF 101 flight made the 7 hr+ flight supported by other IAF tankers already prepositioned inSpain to meet the thirsty jets and get them to Lajes Field, their transit airfield. This would be the first of three legs before finally making it to Nellis. IAF 101 with Ceetah (Cheetah) flight of five Eagles safely arrived on the Atlantic staging post late in the afternoon.

This was nothing out of the ordinary except that the next day the Israeli AF supported two flights of fast jets on the same track to Lajes. The first flight consisted of Israeli F-15s and the second flight was made of IAF 707s and Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 Vipers, also on their way to Red Flag.

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