Hmm: Hillary’s lawyers in 2014 reviewed contents of server handed off and wiped clean in 2013?

Hmm: Hillary’s lawyers in 2014 reviewed contents of server handed off and wiped clean in 2013?

[Ed. – It’s not so much that 2 + 2 = 5 with Hillary, as that 2 was hiding behind the woodshed and got mauled by wolves after Hillary was kidnapped by bullet-firing Serbs, and it’s none of your business anyway but the other 2 was one of those smart phone things nobody understands, if you really want to know, and 5 is waging a war on women so we don’t speak of him at all.]

[Ed. II – Bill Jacobson kicks butt here, BTW.]

According to the Washington Post and other reporting, a Colorado server company obtained possession of Hillary’s server in 2013, transferred the data, leaving a blank server with no usable data at a storage facility in New Jersey.

Yet, in a letter filed on August 12, 2015 with the federal Court in the Judicial Watch FOIA litigation regarding Huma Abedin’s outside employment, Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall. represented that Hillary did not ask counsel to review her emails until late 2014. [Full embed at bottom of post.] He also confirmed that the Colorado company has had possession of the original server since 2013. …

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So how could Hillary’s lawyers review a server no longer in Hillary’s possession, and which had been wiped clean?

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