Could your child be the next victim of a social media predator?

Could your child be the next victim of a social media predator?

How much time do your children spend on social media whether from their mobile phones or computers? Do you know who they are talking to on social media and what they are saying?

When asked, most parents say they trust their children and that they would never do anything to put themselves in danger, yet too many parents find out the hard way that they were wrong.

We hear reports all the time of young girls and boys who go missing only to find out that they’ve been chatting with someone who wasn’t who they claimed to be. In a few fortunate instances, the daughter or son is located and returned home, but in the majority of cases they are never heard from again and their parents don’t know if they are alive or dead.

Coby Persin is best known for being an online prankster. After hearing about a Los Angeles man who witnessed his 12 year old daughter being abducted by a strange man she met on social media, Persin, 21 years of age, decided to see just how easy it is for a pedophile predator to find their victims using social media.

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