8 critical traits to look for in a presidential candidate

8 critical traits to look for in a presidential candidate

1. The ability to command the bully pulpit.

Like most other managerial positions, presidents mainly have to deal with circumstances beyond their control. Even if the disasters, tragedies, and crises that occur are not their fault, the American people still expect their presidents to manage the outcome successfully and accept responsibility. The first step to that success is commanding the bully pulpit to communicate effectively, and project the right presence when needed (resolve, empathy, etc.) to set the tone the rest of the way.

2. Quick on his feet.

In today’s saturated media-driven world, you don’t always have time to ponder about what you’re going to say. And when you do start talking, you best make it quick — like in 140 characters or less if possible. Leaders who are not used to operating or communicating in this quick-draw environment can soon find themselves overwhelmed and unable to keep it up. Worse, they can appear out-of-touch or like a man out of time.

3. Must make the ‘main thing’ the main thing.

A truly conservative president is going to face unprecedented trolling and distractions from the other side as well as the media (I apologize for the redundancy).

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