How Trump can win the presidency

How Trump can win the presidency

Presidential campaigns are always won with big-picture ideas articulated with simple, memorable, and disciplined messaging. Even in a primary, voters respond more favorably to a candidate with a grand vision of what our country should be than to policy wonks. Just ask President Gingrich.

Although I resigned from his campaign effort last week, I remain convinced that Donald Trump — and Donald Trump alone — has the stature, experience, and guts to take on the entrenched special interests and save America from further decline under the failed policies of the Bush-Clinton combine. I have wanted Trump to run for president since 1988.

Donald Trump soared in the polls this summer by delivering exactly that kind of message: Make America great again. He wants to fix the immigration problem, create a job boom, make our enemies respect us, end the one-sided trade deals, and take care of our veterans.

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