Great news: U.S. makes priority of ‘reassuring’ foreign investors if Iran sanctions have to ‘snap back’

Great news: U.S. makes priority of ‘reassuring’ foreign investors if Iran sanctions have to ‘snap back’

[Ed. – Er.  If sanctions can truly “snap back,” that will only mean foreign investors are at risk, period, and have to accept that, rather than being catered to by U.S. policy.  Any attempt to mitigate that reality is a de facto dilution of the “snap back” commitment.]

European governments are nervous that their banks and companies could be caught off guard if a future U.S. president decided to snap back sanctions for a violation, or simply resume enforcement of the sanctions Obama stopped enforcing. At the same time, European diplomats tell me that Iran must be shown some economic benefits for its nuclear obligations if there is any chance for the deal’s tough monitoring provisions to last.

Kerry ultimately complied with the request from the Europeans and sent private letters to the British, French and German foreign ministers promising that the Treasury Department would work with European companies to make them aware of new Iran regulations after a deal. The administration provided copies of those letters last month to Congress as part of a set of 18 documents on the Iran deal and its interpretations. …

[T]he letters…raise the troubling prospect, for the Iran deal’s critics, that the U.S. government will now be obliged to help assure nervous markets and companies that investment in Iran is a safe bet.  Critics of the deal see evidence of this already, in a draft statement — also provided by the administration last month to Congress — to be made public when the International Atomic Energy Agency certifies Iran has met its obligations promised in the nuclear agreement.

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