Islamic State supporters want Pluto renamed ‘The Moon of Muhammad’

Islamic State supporters want Pluto renamed ‘The Moon of Muhammad’

[Ed. – Not a bad idea so long as they agree to head there to take up residence once it’s renamed.]

ISIS supporters have said Pluto should be renamed “The Moon of Mohammed” after claiming to have seen an Arabic message written on its surface.

On a website extremists commonly use to post propaganda, religious instruction, training manuals and videos of sickening acts of violence, one Islamist called upon NASA to change the name of the dwarf planet.

In a post seen by more than 5,000 people, a supporter of the so-called Islamic State said the famous “heart” on the surface of Pluto was actually a message written in the style of the ‘I heart New York’ t-shirts.

The unnamed writer said two Arabic words could be spotted on either side of the heart.

“When we look carefully at this photo of Pluto, we will notice an Arabic sentence which means Allah loves Mohammed,” the ISIS propagandist claimed.

“Since the heart is so big, that means ‘so much love or ‘God loves Mohammed so much’.

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