Hillary: Trump offensive to women but so are Rubio and rest of GOP field

Hillary: Trump offensive to women but so are Rubio and rest of GOP field

[Ed. – Maybe they could take lessons from her hubby on how to treat women better.]

Donald Trump’s remarks about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are offensive, but the rest of the Republican field is equally offensive, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday.

“What Donald Trump said about Megyn Kelly is outrageous, but what the rest of the Republicans are saying about all women is also outrageous,” Clinton said. “They brag about slashing health-care funding, they say they would force women who have been raped to carry their rapist’s child,” and fail to put forward proposals that would help women earn equal pay.

Clinton was referring to comments Trump has made since Thursday’s Republican primary debate. The Republican front-runner has criticized Kelly’s debate questions as unfair to him and questioned her journalistic credentials. He also appeared to jokingly blame Kelly’s menstrual cycle for her treatment of him, although he has denied that is what he meant.

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