Anger outruns facts in Ferguson

Anger outruns facts in Ferguson

If there is any growing national sense of weariness over the unrest and protests in Ferguson, it was personified by a white Army veteran talking with an activist here Monday night.

“When you guys first started all this, I was with you. I hate the pigs, too!” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name but had no problem speaking his mind.

In the year since Michael Brown’s death here, the movement known as Black Lives Matter has had success in raising consciousness but not lowering black America’s temperature, still boiling at injustice.

“At first they seemed like they had some meaning,” the veteran said, “but now they just seem destructive and pointless. Is the idea just to p*ss everyone off? Because that’s what’s happening.”

“It is to p*ss people off!” Hermz, a protester from Atlanta, replied. “In order for there to be a paradigm shift, there has to be a sacrifice.”

But the Army vet, with his long gray hair and motorcycle vest, wanted to know what the movement is concretely trying to accomplish.

“What’s the next level? I don’t understand how out of all this confusion and tearing up people’s buildings that don’t have sh*t do with your problems makes anyone help you.”

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