Finally! Company selling maternity wear designed for ‘butch’ lesbians

Finally! Company selling maternity wear designed for ‘butch’ lesbians

[P]erhaps the most visible way in which motherhood is changing is apparent in maternity clothes. This past year, an independent retailer that offers alternatives to the pregnant little girl packaging of motherhood has cropped up and received heavy media coverage—Butchbaby & Co, the brain child of CEO Vanessa Newman and chief design officer Michelle Janayea, two friends who met in college, dreamed of being pregnant at the same time, but couldn’t imagine wearing all those bows. So they decided to design and create an alternative: Their line will offer maternity hoodies and button-down shirts, as well as masculine-styled T-shirts, jeans, pants, sports bras, and briefs. They bill themselves as “the first ever alternity wear for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals—don’t change just because your body does.”

“As much as the LGBTQ community is becoming embraced, motherhood is still very heteronormatively presented in the mainstream world,” says Newman, who presents masculine of center and embraces the term butch. “We’re really highlighting that motherhood doesn’t look one way. I definitely want to be a mom one day, I definitely want to carry my own child.”

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