Biden won’t defeat Clinton — she’ll do that all by herself

Biden won’t defeat Clinton — she’ll do that all by herself
Shut your mouth. No subjects here.

Maybe Joe Biden can help Hillary Clinton get her groove back.

Or, get her groove at all. It’s been sorely missing this campaign.

Clinton is at her best, or at least does best with voters, when she’s down. See the misty-eyed moment in New Hampshire 2008. Clinton challenged and vulnerable is more appealing to voters than Clinton entitled and regal.

So perhaps the threat of a nudge from Biden — on top of the actual nudge from Bernie Sanders — is what it will take to make her, in Barack Obama’s famous phrase, “likable enough” to voters.

Biden and Clinton are near ideological twins — and characterological opposites. Biden oozes authenticity, but lacks discipline. Clinton epitomizes discipline but lacks authenticity.

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