Jon Stewart for president?

Jon Stewart for president?

[Ed. – Stewart admits he’s a fake newsman. Obama’s been a fake commander in chief. It’s a perfect fit.]

On Tuesday we learned that President Obama had “secretly” summoned “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart to the White House twice in recent years. Social media was abuzz with the question of whether Stewart was actually advising Obama on certain policy issues. The comments of Obama’s former senior adviser, David Axelrod that Stewart had “forceful arguments” on issues that “deserved to be answered” added to the speculation.

This got me thinking. One: Why wouldn’t Obama consult with Stewart, a man who is truly the Walter Cronkite (with more laughs) of our generation? And two: Would Stewart consider running for president?

Wait, before you dismiss this idea quickly, keep in mind that Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota, famously got his start as a comedic performer on “Saturday Night Live.” And there’s of course Ronald Reagan, who had a career as a B-level actor before becoming president.

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