Obama: U.S. not enough like China, needs 5-year plans

Obama: U.S. not enough like China, needs 5-year plans

[Ed. – Because when you’ve already outed yourself as a radical leftist, why the hell not?]

When President Obama signed a law yesterday funding federal transportation projects for the next three months, he lamented that the United States did not have a five-year federal plan for transportation—and warned Congress that “big, powerful countries” like the Peoples Republic of China did not do it the way the U.S. is doing it now.

“I guarantee you this is not how China, Germany, other countries around the world–other big, powerful countries around the world–handle their infrastructure,” Obama said. …

[Obama went on to say:]

With that, I’m going to sign this.  And I hope that members of Congress are listening, and I hope that Republicans can work things out among themselves as well as work out things with Democrats.  I think we’ve got to do some intra-party negotiations as well as negotiations between the parties.

(The bill is signed.)

There you go.  Thank you, everybody.

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