Another American doctor accused of killing another lion

Another American doctor accused of killing another lion
File image: lions in Zimbabwe. (Image via The Telescope News)

Another American is accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe with a bow and arrow – just a few months before dentist Walter Palmer brutally slaughtered Cecil the Lion.

The second American, Jan Casimir Seski of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, was allegedly involved in an illegal lion hunt in April in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the same park where the world’s most famous lion was killed last month resulting in a global outcry.

The cold-blooded killer is a gynecological oncologist who is a director at the Centre for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital – and is also a highly active big-game hunter.

Pictures of him standing next to slain animals on hunting websites reveal he has killed many majestic animals, including elephants, impala, hippo, ostrich, kudu and a nyala – both types of antelope.

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