Zimbabwe to press for extradition of hunter who killed Cecil the lion

Zimbabwe to press for extradition of hunter who killed Cecil the lion
File image: lions in Zimbabwe. (Image via The Telescope News)

Zimbabwe officials intend to press for the extradition of Minnesota hunter Walter Palmer, who killed a beloved lion named Cecil in a case that has drawn international headlines and raised questions about the gray area between big game hunting and poaching.

Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri told Fox News he considers Palmer, a dentist who shot the beast with a bow and arrow after paying local guides $54,000, a “foreign poacher,” and called for Palmer to be extradited to the Southern African nation to face justice. The minister claims half a million Zimbabweans have signed a petition calling for Palmer to stand trial.

Muchinguri added that the nation’s top prosecutor has started the process to have Palmer extradited. Fox News understands the Zimbabwean police, investigating the poaching charge, will work with the country’s Justice Ministry to contact U.S. authorities and formally ask for Palmer to be extradited.

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