Warning: Windows 10 update causes marital problems

Warning: Windows 10 update causes marital problems
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It seems there are certain things to beware of when going for the latest Windows 10 update, as this guy found out to his complete embarrassment. The poor guy posted his story to Reddit under the username FalloutBoS to warn others of his plight.

He had set his device to do its own thing overnight with the Windows 10 update, not realizing what the consequences would be. What did happen was his wife shook him awake the next morning, demanding to know why a series of pornographic images was cycling on the desktop view in a photo slideshow.


According to the Mirror, it seems there’s a new feature with the Windows 10 update that automatically draws images saved in the My Pictures folder for use as a slideshow. Similar to Windows 8, the new upgrade features live tiles including Photos, via which the system automatically drags out the images into the loop.

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