Edward Snowden, the comic book

Edward Snowden, the comic book
Credit: AP

You’ve seen the film, read the book – now read the Edward Snowden comic.

A comic book artist is to publish a graphic novel telling the story of the man behind the biggest intelligence leak in military history.

‘Snowden’ by Pulitzer-nominated Ted Rall claims that the former contractor for the National Security Agency stole 1.7 million classified documents because he was angry at President Obama.

Snowden supposedly became frustrated that the President did not close Guantanamo and ‘deepened and expanded several abusive programs’.

Rall writes: ‘Snowden soon saw that his faith had been misplaced.

‘Disgusted, Snowden took matters into his own hands…he took his data and fled the United States’.

Among the more colorful cartoons in the book where Rall has taken some artistic license is one of President Obama telling an aide: ‘This Snowden situation is intolerable! Get this kid into custody’.

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