How to fix Hillary’s trust deficit

How to fix Hillary’s trust deficit

Tell us something we don’t know — that’s one suggestion for Hillary Clinton, who is looking to rebuild her cratering trust numbers with voters. Not about policy, something personal, like the summer she spent in Alaska washing dishes at a national park and sliming salmon at a fish processing cannery.

“Get people saying, ‘I didn’t know that’,” says Charlie Cook, founder of the Cook Political Report and a seasoned political handicapper.

“At some point we’re going to see her walking through the neighborhood where she grew up in Chicago,” he says. “Do the whole package,” he advises, not just her mother, get her talking about her father. He was a pretty stern fellow. When she didn’t put the top back on the toothpaste tube, he’d toss it out the window and she had to find it, even in the snow.

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