Feds spend $1.2 m on developing robots to help old folks get dressed

Feds spend $1.2 m on developing robots to help old folks get dressed

[Ed. – The complexity level is more interesting than you might think.  The robots are to help old-timers select their clothes, as well as get them on.]

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is spending roughly $1.2 million to use robots to dress the elderly.

Citing an aging population, the federal agency issued a grant this month that will teach robots how they can assist old people in picking out an outfit. …

“The goal of this research is to develop techniques that enable robots to assist people with putting on clothing, which is a challenging task for robots due to the complexities of cloth, the human body, and robots,” the grant said.

The work will involve a computer simulation that can mix and match numerous outfit combinations.

“A key aspect of this research is that robots will discover how they can help people by quickly trying out many options in a computer simulation,” the grant said. “Success in this research would make progress towards robots capable of giving millions of people greater independence and a higher quality of life.”

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