BREAKING: Rubio was once on city commission, and said stuff – OUT LOUD

BREAKING: Rubio was once on city commission, and said stuff – OUT LOUD

[Ed. – Is there no end to the scandals with this man?]

And now the Washington Post has finished peering deep into the Senator’s past and discovered yet another shocking tale. He was once a city commissioner in West Miami, shortly after he got out of college.

Why is this big news? Well because he… you see, during some of the meetings he said… okay. I have no idea why this is a story but clearly somebody thinks it’s a huge deal. …

[W]hile he was on the commission and had to sit through endless meetings discussing the merits of various types of trees to be planted in a public park, he apparently grew impatient with the slow pace of work among his fellow commissioners.

The meeting at city hall was in its grueling third hour when the fresh-faced 26-year-old newcomer started to lose his cool.

He fidgeted in his seat. He rocked back and forth. He buried his head in his palms before grabbing the microphone in exhaustion.

“Can we do something?” he said. “I don’t care what we do. Let’s do something.”

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