Boston doc with rare condition ‘feels patients’ pain’ – almost literally

Boston doc with rare condition ‘feels patients’ pain’ – almost literally
(Image: WBZ)

[Ed. – Apparently he gets to skip the actual “pain” part.]

Dr. Joel Salinas is not your average doctor.

“When I see people, I have the sensation of whatever touches their body on my own body as well and it’s kind of reflected as a mirror,” he told WBZ-TV.

It’s called mirror touch synesthesia. …

“When I was a kid, having these experiences where if I would see someone hug I would feel the hug on myself or if I would see someone get hit, I felt the sensation on me as well,” explains Dr. Salinas.

He doesn’t really feel it as pain, per se, but says the sensations can still be unsettling. …

“I remember one patient who unfortunately had an amputation of the arm from an accident.  I remember feeling as though my arm was dismembered and I could feel the blood.”

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