Allegation: Confederate flag convoy menaced child’s birthday party in Georgia

Allegation: Confederate flag convoy menaced child’s birthday party in Georgia
(Image: Facebook via Daily Mail)

[Ed. – It appears to me there’s no dispute that the pickup truck convoy drove past the child’s birthday party.  It’s on video.  What the police have gotten conflicting stories about seems to be whether the guys in the convoy yelled an “n-word death threat” at the partiers.  The Facebook poster, Melissa, alleges that that happened, bu there’s no video evidence of it.  In any case, there doesn’t seem to be any call to be driving around waving Confederate flags at black people going about their business.]

 A black child’s birthday party in Georgia was interrupted by a group of men driving pickup trucks with Confederate flags who were allegedly armed and threatening violence.

Video of the incident showed at least seven trucks with both Confederate and American flags driving past the outraged party-goers in Douglasville on Saturday.

A woman who posted a second video says that one of the white truck drivers, who she alleged were armed, said he would ‘kill y’all [N-words]’.  …

Douglasville police said that they were aware of the truck convoy and followed it for a while when it came into their jurisdiction but did not see ‘any criminal or traffic infractions’.

They said that officers received ‘conflicting statements’ about what happened at the birthday party and arrested one of the truck passengers on an unrelated charge, according to the Atlanta Constitution Journal.

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