Why Israel will hit Iran after Obama’s gone

Why Israel will hit Iran after Obama’s gone

President Obama is publicly confident that at least one-third of either the House or the Senate will sustain his removal of sanctions against Iran, as part of the deal to postpone Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. If he is right, sanctions will end in mid-September.

Sixteen months later, America will have a new president. Very soon thereafter, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to take military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. The United States will be drawn in to help support Israel.

Under President Obama, such support cannot be assumed to be forthcoming; under any likely successor president, it will be. Israel cannot destroy all of Iran’s nuclear capabilities in one blow. Assuming the U.S. is backing up Israel, Israel could return to the task several times. It is even conceivable that the U.S., under a new president, would assist Israel in destroying the most hardened, deeply buried Iranian nuclear enrichment site.

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