Islamic State publicly amputates hands of convicted ‘thieves’

Islamic State publicly amputates hands of convicted ‘thieves’

Hundreds of men and young boys gather in a public square to watch ISIS punish two men it accuses of being thieves.

The blindfolded victims sit at a wooden table in the centre of the baying crowd and are held down by three Islamic State fighters – while a fourth man rests a sharp blade on their wrists.

In the gruesome images released through its social media channels, a fifth masked extremist is tasked with striking the top of the blade so the hand comes clean off – although the moment of impact is not shown.

The brutal punishment, which has been shared online by ISIS supporters, comes just four days after the group’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi banned his minions from sharing barbaric execution videos online.

The terror group has become infamous for not only carrying out graphic and bloody executions, but boasting about them online.

But Al-Baghdadi has supposedly sent a letter to the group’s media officers to stop the gruesome acts, so as not to offend fellow Muslims who might think the videos are scary for children.

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